Good idea – bad idea : Seattle

Good idea:

  • Using the Link Light Rail. A ride from Sea-Tac Airport to the International District is literally only $3 and it only takes around 30 minutes. I don’t think I’ve ever spent this little money on an airport transfer from a city centre to an international airport. Ace!
  • The MoPop (Museum of Popular Culture), formerly known as EMP (Experience Music Project) Museum. It houses everything the nerdy heart desires, from music (I especially loved the Kurt Cobain exhibit in 2016), gaming, SciFi TV shows and horror films. I could have spent hours there exploring the history of popular culture, the artifacts of famous films and the technologies used to make them. They currently show a David Bowie photo exhibit which I’m sure will be worth visiting and an exhibit celebrating 50 years of Star Trek, to name but a few. The souvenier shop would have made a lot of money off me had my budget not been so tight.
  • The Skyview Observatory at the Columbia Center. Its 73rd floor gives you 360° views around Seattle, from Puget Sound to Lady Mount Rainier. It is much higher up than the Space Needle and less crowded. Go for a sunset view if you enjoy views like these:


Bad idea:

  • Driving. Unless you’re one of those masochistic weirdos that enjoys being stuck in a traffic jam for hours. It literally took me an hour to drive ONE freaking block.