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An analog photography habit is expensive…I go through so many rolls of film and always end up on Ebay bidding for vintage cameras at 1AM. On top of that, I am trying my best to keep my local lab in business…
…In case you were wondering: Yes. I AM asking you to sponsor my addiction.

You can do this in one of two ways:

A) Or B)
Order a copy of Technicolourgirls….and boys. on Blurb. This is a very personal collection of portraits of my humans and furry friends. It’s only €7.39, that’s less than a stale sandwich meal costs in an airport shop, and it has more content than the latter.

Click the cover below:

Technicolourgirls….and boys.

By Alexandra Huemer

You can order prints or other stuff with my work on it via Redbubble    


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I’m happy to add any other photographs to the list on Redbubble in case your favourite isn’t available yet. If you don’t have any favourites yet, what the hell are you still doing here? Go to my Flickr or Instagram page to have a nose, and then return once you’ve made up your mind.