What a difference a day makes

I’ve been searching for destinations and flights for my next big-ish trip for months now, and have pretty much made up my mind about where (South Korea for definite and one other stop somewhere, maybe Japan? Bali? Hong Kong?) and when (Mid to End April; yes I am aware that this is the Easter break and that this will increase prices but my birthday is in that period and I love travelling on my birthday. It also saves me 3 holidays from my work allowance thanks to bank holidays in the UK) but thanks to factors and life in general I had to wait until now to be able to book flights and accommodation (I’m poor but I will always find a way to safe money for travelling).

Yesterday morning, while waiting for an appointment in a coffee shop, I was browsing on cheapflights.co.uk for flights. I found a flight from Munich to Seoul return which looked pretty good in price and duration. And then my appointment came up and I completely forgot about it.

Today I opened the browser on my tab again and the cheapflights search was still open, and immediately refreshed itself. And then I looked at the result and was confused, because the price looked so much cheaper than the day before. I thought it was a mistake, but luckily I took a screenshot of the search the day before.

This was the price yesterday:


And this is the price today:


I am not sure how this works out but I’ll have an eye on this. I might be tempted to book this if it’s still the same tonight.


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