Black Friday flight deals from WOWAIR

If you couldn’t care less for taking your Friday off to be trampled in a stampede of bargain hunters on the high street, maybe some of the Black Friday flight deals online will be a better option for you.

There are multiple sites and airlines offering Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, but the one that caught my eye the most so far was from WOWAIR. They aren’t actually advertised as specific Black Friday deals but you’ll find a whole bunch of affordable flights on the main landing page.

I am based in the UK so the deal page shows me flights from anywhere in the UK (London, Edinburgh, Bristol…) to the USA, Canada and Europe. I tried flights from London to New York in September 2017 and was presented with a decent £640 TOTAL, so £320 pp.

London/Bristol to San Francisco has great deals from £149 per person per flight from February until May and again in September 2017.

Bristol to Montreal from the 24/2/17 until the 23/3/17 is at £262 per person for a return flight!

I was planning on going to Korea in April and I haven’t been able to find a good Black Friday deal for Asia yet, so I’m half considering Montreal/Canada as an alternative.

I’d suggest all you travel crazies go wild and go book your next adventures while saving some money! If you fond any more good deals give me a shout.


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