Black Friday flight deals from WOWAIR

If you couldn’t care less for taking your Friday off to be trampled in a stampede of bargain hunters on the high street, maybe some of the Black Friday flight deals online will be a better option for you.

There are multiple sites and airlines offering Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, but the one that caught my eye the most so far was from WOWAIR. They aren’t actually advertised as specific Black Friday deals but you’ll find a whole bunch of affordable flights on the main landing page.

I am based in the UK so the deal page shows me flights from anywhere in the UK (London, Edinburgh, Bristol…) to the USA, Canada and Europe. I tried flights from London to New York in September 2017 and was presented with a decent £640 TOTAL, so £320 pp.

London/Bristol to San Francisco has great deals from £149 per person per flight from February until May and again in September 2017.

Bristol to Montreal from the 24/2/17 until the 23/3/17 is at £262 per person for a return flight!

I was planning on going to Korea in April and I haven’t been able to find a good Black Friday deal for Asia yet, so I’m half considering Montreal/Canada as an alternative.

I’d suggest all you travel crazies go wild and go book your next adventures while saving some money! If you fond any more good deals give me a shout.


Why it’s okay to maybe not want to travel to the USA for a while

Let me say this first: I’m not here to talk about politics, and I don’t want to tell you what’s right and what’s wrong. All of the people who voted did a great job of using their voice to make a difference. Whether the outcome is positive or not is not mine to judge.

I certainly am not trying to bad-mouth the States, one thing everyone must know about me is that I love this country and it is my No. 1 go-to place for a good three-week explore-vacation or a long road trip. I love the fantastic cities there and the beautiful landscapes and the wonderfully weird people. This place is unique and full of wonders and I will definitely go back as soon as possible.

But maybe not for now. Maybe not until the storm has passed and the chaos has dissolved. While I was shocked about the outcome of the recent presidential elections, I was not surprised. I know that the people of the USA need a change to happen to be able to move forward, and Trump promised them that. Whether his articulation and choice of words reflected that in the best possible way is obviously more than debatable. Some of the things he said are horrendous to all kinds of different groups of people like he was deliberately trying to piss them off. Some of the things were down right lies. But I’m still not entirely sure whether he only said those extreme things to ‘poke the beast’ or whether he truly meant them. He is a reality TV star with almost never-ending resources of family money. He could have been playing everyone for two years just to get people to vote for him – and it worked.

A part of me wants to believe that that’s what’s happening and that he isn’t actually the nasty personality he has shown us. This part of me also wants to give him the benefit of the doubt and see what he will come up with, see if he could maybe do his job half-decent.

But what I can absolutely not get on board with, and what’s making me feel like I don’t want to go back to the States until his reign is over is the ripple-effect his outrageous campaigning has had on people in the states. The Ku-Klux-Klan marching in broad daylight, Swastika’s being sprayed on the walls of schools, gay people being beaten up…yes, these things happened before as well, but we can see them through a magnifying glass now. We are more aware that they are happening because of Trump. We know that some things he said in public were taken by a few as a permission to live out their vile behaviour, and they think their president will appreciate their efforts.

If he wants to be a president he will have to take a stand against this. He will have to put those people back into their place and make sure that everyone, even the people who didn’t vote for him, are treated equally and fairly as the constitution stipulates. Until he gets this wildfire of hate under control, I personally will not go back to the States. It will probably hurt me more than him, but this is the choice I’ve made at the moment. Until I see some positive change, and I feel it’s safe and sound to travel there again, especially on my own.

So if you’ve been feeling down and sad about the election – that’s fine! You can feel all the feels. You can even question whether you would want to visit the States or not. You can set your own boundaries. But here is the thing: It’ll all be okay in the end. It’s fine. Things will be fine. Let’s hold on to that.

Why it is important to travel home sometimes

Maybe you know this from experience, but when I was a teenager I could not wait to move out of my parents’ house and see new places. I always knew I was going to explore as much of this planet as I could, even though to this day I’m never really sure how to afford it.

Well, this feeling ended in me moving to Munich for a few years, and then to Liverpool, and I am pretty sure that’s not my last stop. And while the physical distance to my family and friends has been tough sometimes while I am in England, and I can more and more imagine moving back to the idyllic Austrian village life some day, I am not done discovering. I love being in a foreign country, learning how the people here eat, speak, love and party. I was even able to experience Brexit from two points of view; my own as a European immigrant and the one of a British person who would prefer to stay individual and independent.


But increasingly more often these days I experience phases of homesickness, and looking forward to my next trip back home is the only thing that will keep me going, and suddenly using most of my holidays on trips to the same old place doesn’t seem like a complete waste at all. When I was last in Austria this summer I realised how little I noticed how important going home is for me, even though I can never wait for the next time I go abroad again. I don’t know if you feel the same way, but I hope some of you travelling souls can see themselves a little bit in this. I think it is extremely important even for the ultra-highest-level, constant travellers to go back ‘home’ every once in a while, and here is why:

  • If you still have family or friends somewhere, and you are at least somewhat close to them, coming home is like a reset and recharge button. You see familiar faces and places, you know your way around really well, and you don’t have to explore anything anymore. This place is already yours. Lay back and relax.


  • By travelling you have experienced different cultures, food and lifestyles, and you’re absorbing it like a dry sponge absorbs water. You’ve been to Japan, the USA, Croatia and Nepal, and you enjoyed every second of learning something new. But the only way to suffer from a cultural information overload is to go home, dig your feet in the ground and reconnect with your roots. Only the contrast and comparison of your own cultural environment will make the cultures of others stand out.
  • Once you have done a fair amount of travelling and living abroad, it’s easy to feel like you’ve seen everything you could possibly see and you might run a little low on travel inspiration or motivation. For me, going home to the place where I had spent most of my life without seeing any other place in the world helps me reset my wanderlust. Also, it helps me remember the feeling I had as a kid when I wanted nothing more than to get out of my save haven and explore and have silly adventures. There is nothing better than that to remember how much I appreciate my ability to travel.
  • Being away from your original home will actually give you more appreciation for where you came from and how you grew up (unless, of course, you really hate the place you grew up in. But then I feel like this blog plost is probably not for you).
  • The next time you go home try and go for a walk and just look at things you thought you knew. You might be surprised by the amount of new things and places you will find you have never noticed before. It could be a lake, or a restaurant, or a library, or just a tree that looks like the skeleton of a 500 year old man.


I am lucky. My home home is an idyllic small town in Austria with lots of open fields, trees and lakes, and a nice view of the North chain of the Alps. Who would not want to come back here to recharge their batteries? I really don’t know.