The pandora’s box of analog cameras: The Holga

After first meeting my friend Kate, who never came to work without at least one analog camera in her bag and was subsequently titled by myself as the “crazy camera lady”, I was soon infected with her crazy camera lady bug. While she was maneuvering her so-called “Russian Tanks” I had not used an analog camera since the mid-90s and would have been absolutely lost with a Zenit or Praktica with all their knobs and noobsies.


My gateway drug.

Along came the Holga. THE Holga. Lomography’s now “outdated” wonder weapon for anyone trying to achieve the retro look of film photography. In my attempt to follow Kate’s footsteps I found a purple Holga online. Anyone who knows me knows I am a sucker for all things purple so there was no chance for me to click past this. Reading reviews and watching YouTube videos for around a week I was quickly sold; this camera looked so easy to handle even my clumsy self should have been able to use it. I bought it, it got delivered, and I was right. I was able to point and shoot and pretty soon got some decent results. Without a lot of studying of the apertures and ISO speeds and all such.


And that is the whole point of the Holga. It is the gateway drug of analog cameras, hooking you with its simple handling and pretty pictures and at some point leaving you wanting more. It will give you the confidence to believe in yourself and the feeling of being capable.

The Holga is a wonderful little thing for travelling too. It is so incredibly lightweight it can go in the smallest little hand luggage and you won’t even notice its there. If you need it short notice you won’t have to set it up for long before you can point and shoot.