Being a little too obsessed with the Golden Gate Bridge.

I admit it: I have been taking and posting way too many pictures of the Golden Gate, and spent way too much time just looking at it. Not just when I was on or near it, but even from a distance when it was only slightly visible and bearly recognisable as a bridge. I am totally fascinated by this clunky, bright red assembly of steel and I can’t really explain it other than it looks pretty fucking cool.

It is also noteworthy that the construction of this thing was done against all odds, nobody at the time believed a structure like this could withstand the strong winds, the salt water, and the not impossible chances of strong earthquakes in the area. The fact that ‘only’ ten people died during the construction period is pretty much a miracle, seeing that some of them had to climb pretty high up into the air on a metal pole or dive pretty far down the ocean without modern diving equipment to make sure things were safely affixed and screwed together.

If you ever find yourself in San Francisco, and I really hope you do, because otherwise you’re missing out, you should definitely pay this odd red giant a visit. The best (=free) way to get there is to get a PresidiGo Downtown shuttle (either at the Transbay terminal on Howard street or the next stop on Drumm street just off the Embarcadero BART station, but be aware that there is absolutely no sign or bus stop to indicate where the shuttle will pick you up. You just have to be there at the right time and see it, it usually leaves the Transbay terminal every full or half hour. It is a free shuttle after all, they want you to earn it.). Let this shuttle get you to the Presidio transit stop, and if you want (and again, you should) you can get off one stop early just after the entrance into the Presidio (it’s like a gate leading into a very neat park, you’ll know when), and have a wander around the Lucasfilm offices and the Yoda fountain. Once you get to the Presidio transit stop though you can then easily switch to one of the other two Presidio shuttles, and you should take the circular Crissy Field shuttle. This will take you to right outside the Golden Gate in like ten minutes. You can then spend a good one or two hours walking around the little trails at this end of the bridge or walk straight over the bridge and take lots of selfies. But be careful, it is windy up there and a bit wobbly with the heavy traffic. If you’ve got a fear of heights it might not be the best idea for you to walk further than a few metres in.

My favourite spot around the bridge must be the little picnic area to the right onthe San Francisco side of it, which you can reach walking past the visitors’ center towards the water. There is a pretty steep little hill to walk down, but the view from there will pay you for it on a sunny day.

On your way back you can take the same shuttle from the same stop you came off at, and the shuttle will also lead you past Crissy Field (D’uh) if you wanted to get off to watch the some kite surfers catch the breeze and lots of dogs catching Frisbee’s.


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