I take myself out to the ball game

One of the very few things I planned for this trip (I like letting things come my way rather than to plan things and maybe stress over keeping on track with my to do list) was watching a baseball game at the AT&T park. There is just something about baseball that makes it so utterly American, I just had to check it off my to do list, because why not and who knows when else.


For somebody who is so in love with San Francisco as I am, the Giants are the ideal team to get you into the sport. They have a faithful following of fans whose excitement for the game will pull you along all the way through 3.5 hours of watching men throw and catch a tiny white ball. From the moment I stepped off the N-Line at the ballpark, all dressed up in an official T-Shirt from the Dugout to blend in and pretend I know what I’m doing, I was surrounded by people in Black and Orange who just took me as one of their own. Some people were actually dressed in Giants merch from head to toe, literally, from the hat to the shoes, with belts, scarves and blankets on top. These people don’t do the fan thing half-arsed.


The first thing to do was go to the customer experience stall where I was given a certificate for my first ever attendance, so I am now officially claimed by the Giants as one of theirs. I had enough time to walk around the entire ball park, looking at all the food stalls and merchandise shops, and of course the glass box with the three trophies from 2010, 2012 and 2014. These guys have a thing for even years it seems, hopefully they can win it again this year. Fingers crossed. Although do not ask me where they currently stand in the league, I have no clue.


After finding my seat, which was waaaayyyy up on the highest balcony or View Reserved as they call it, which are literally the cheap seats, although the view is better than I expected, I went and got myself a bowl of those famous garlic fries. For $8.50 you get quite a big heap of fries with chopped garlic cloves and parsley. They are as tasty as everybody says and on the plus side you also get two enormous breath mints with your serving, which I guess is especially helpful for the couples hoping to end up on the Kiss Screen later on.


As it turned out it wasn’t hard for me to follow the game itself despite my lack of knowledge and the sheer length of the game. And I have to admit, the names of the Giants team kept my childish self entertained for a good while. Madison Bumgarner and Joe Panik must be some of the most awesome names in the history of names.


Don’t Panik.
The Giants won that night.


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