Packing issues

Photographer problems #1:

Imagine this: A) You have all of the below cameras. B) You can only take 23kg of luggage on your two week trip. Which and how many cameras do you pack?


Shouldn’t be a big deal, I know, but when you have to think about the ones you’ll have to leave behind you’ll feel like you have six puppies and you have to decide which of them to bring back to the shelter. It feels evil and mean and you’ll spend minutes and minutes apologising to this inanimate object for not picking it as your favourite. I have packed my suitcase a full five days before my trip; I have clothes, shoes, passports, everything I need; but I have yet to make a decision on these seven beauties.

On top of that, you’ll have to make room for all the film you’ll need for two weeks. And you might go a bit overboard, but that’s fine.

(Please note that in this entire text, when I said YOU, I mean myself. I’m talking to myself.)



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